How to configure the free fire mod

Download the mod data and extract it. Make sure you install mod data inside your mod folder. Make sure mod data is activated. Open “Mod Manager” and download from the free fire admin menu. Select “Game Config File” and change the filename to something like Free FireConfig.bat. Then save the configuration file in your mod folder. Now run the game. Press “F9” to select the first choice. Now it’s time to click in a headshot location. In the picture below, I selected a headshot on the top left of the screen. You can view a video to show you how it works. And that’s it. PS. If you want to make this hack a little more interesting you can add face and blood, which I already tried and it works perfectly.



How to install free fire headshot VIP config file

You can use the Free Fire mod menu apk to install this free fire VIP config file. This Free Fire mod menu apk can be downloaded here. Step 1: Download and install the free fire mod menu apk Step 2: Download and install the free fire VIP Config File You can get this free fire VIP config file here. Step 3: Connect your game device. Step 4: Wait and let your device connected for some time. Step 5: Set Free Fire VIP Config file as key in your game settings. Step 6: Save your settings to the free fire directory. Step 7: You’re ready to start playing free fire with this free fire VIP config file. What are you waiting for? Download and install it now. Free Fire Mods Page Since its release in 2014, the Free Fire mods page has the biggest collection of mods. They are developed by the whole community.

How to use free fire mod menu apk

To use the Free fire mod menu apk, launch the game, click on the funnels on the left side of the main menu. You will see a link to Menu Utility. After opening Menu Utility. After you activate it and select Free Fire, you will find the Free fire apk below it. Make sure to place this apk in your sdcard. How to set up your free fire shots At the first launch, the free fire would show you the first photos. But if you click on every photo, it will show you all the photos of it. Therefore you need to find a photo on this page and then click on the shoot photo button. If you want to use CB command then right-click on the shooting button and select “command”. This will allow you to use the CB command. Then right-click on the photo and choose “Multi-Shot Selection”. Choose CB from there.


It’s quite easy to create and install headshot mods on stock-free fire. With this hack, you will be able to do almost all the mods on headshot mode. You can do after shots with ammo and delay shots. This hack will improve your shooting skills and high precision. This hack is recommended by the mod community and every player as it’s high time. Do you find this hack useful? Let me know in the comments below.