Three Types of PC Game Controllers

Three Types of PC Game Controllers

Three Types of PC Game Controllers

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PC game controllers have evolved greatly over the years. We’ve checked out both the original Microsoft Xbox and now the great new Sony DualSense PS5 controller, and we’re looking at a range of potential solutions. But the big gamepad decision really is about whether you prefer the standard Xbox or directional thumbstick arrangement or the innovative asymmetrical PlayStation design. In other words, is the design more to your liking?


The asymmetrical setup on the DualShock is designed to replicate the buttons on the original controller, meaning there are dedicated buttons for Start, Select, and Alt/arya. On the face of the unit, you can see two circles with two numbers in each. This means that if you look at the top of the pad, the number one button will correspond to the button on the left of the face and vice versa. This is the best of the best game controllers, but there are a few disadvantages associated with it.


First, it is possible to use other controls for the characters in the game which make the experience all the more fun. For example, you can use a mouse to aim your gun and a keyboard to do other things. So you end up using two sticks and possibly four triggers. This can work well if you are playing a racing game with more than one vehicle. You can quickly change between them and have a much smoother playing experience than you would be able to if you had two different controllers.


However, the advantage of this controller is that the face buttons are always accessible and are quite a lot easier to use than they would be on a typical console controller. If you are someone who has never used an analog gamepad before, then the C40 tr’s trigger/stick combination may not feel quite right. You can press the buttons on the face of the controller in a very awkward way, which can lead to poor precision.


The second option available for a PC gamepad is the swappable components. Many people are now looking to replace their current gaming system with a new one, and this is where these controllers come in. These have all the advantages of the traditional stick style of the controller but also feature all the buttons and functionality of a traditional pad. Although you can still use the stick on the newer consoles, having all the buttons and sticks on a swappable unit means that you can quickly swap between them without having to take your computer to a repair shop. There are a few disadvantages, however, such as having to connect up the units to a source of power in order to use them.


The third option is the F310 dual action game controller. The main difference between this controller and the f310 is that the sticks have double-action capabilities, meaning that you can press both sticks at the same time to play. The advantage here is that there is no sticking or jamming when you want to move your character. The main disadvantage is that it can get a little pricey. The cheapest ones are made from plastic and feature buttons that are not particularly responsive. Most people will spend around two hundred dollars for a decent controller.

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