The Pubg Game Review

The Pubg Game Review

The Pubg Game Review

If you like playing pub games then I highly recommend the PubGamelite game, which is a very popular version of the classic arcade game. The concept of the PubGamelite cartoon is to earn points by matching the images on your opponent’s board. The pubgamelite cartoon has been emulated in many versions since its inception and the most recent one is the Facebook version. To play pubgamelite you can either download the game to your computer or pay to play in an online pub. Since the game costs almost nothing, it has become very popular among casual gamers and many people even try to play it with the idea of trying to earn some money while they are playing.

pubg game cartoon


For anyone who does not know what pubg is the general idea behind it is a puzzle game where you have to build structures by matching the right color to the structure. The premise is that you build as many towers as you can but watch out because when you get to the bottom of your screen you will see a time limit to rebuild them. The more towers you build the more points you earn. Although the cartoon looks like an action/war game there is a lot of planning involved, which makes it a very entertaining game to play.


It is easy to play pubg because you just have to click on the various buildings you want to build. You have to move each structure by clicking on it with the mouse. The game is a lot of fun because each level is a surprise. When you reach the third level you will see a cut scene with your competitors. There are some cool effects such as the camera zooming in when you are looking at someone and rotating the whole screen when you are typing in the chatbox.


Due to the popularity of this game on Facebook, a lot of other versions of the cartoon have also been created. There is a version for those who play on a PC, and a version specifically designed for iPhone users. The iPhone version is great for those people who do not want to waste a lot of money buying real money, or for those who simply cannot get their hands on the iPhone. The Pubg Game has been downloaded hundreds of times and is one of the most popular free flash games on Facebook right now. A great game for everyone to play.


The graphics and sounds are rather nice too. The game is not very fast-paced, and you spend a fair amount of time learning how to play the game. It can be boring especially if you do not have any friends to play with, but the developers made sure that the game was balanced enough so that even if you have friends they would not feel left out. They are only five levels deep, and that is pretty deep for a game.


Overall, the Pubg Game is a great flash game. You will find yourself loving the cartoon as much as the gameplay itself. You will also find that it is easy to pick up, and provides a lot of entertainment for players of all ages.

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