The Basics of Ludo Games

The Basics of Ludo Games

The Basics of Ludo Games

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Ludo, also known as Lucchese, is a unique puzzle game whose popularity has grown considerably over the years. Ludo is an all-time favorite game in Europe and now the game has reached North America. Ludo is an adaptation of the Indian game called Ludo, which translates literally to “ruffle”. Today the name Ludo means “ruffle”. In the game, players roll a series of dice, making use of the oblong, thick vertical die, in turn generating different patterns and colors.


Ludo, as the name suggests, is all about juggling. Players make use of all their fingers and toes to make as many twirls, twists, and turns as possible to score as many points as possible. Like many other circle and cross games, Ludo revolves around a common theme, which makes it a particularly easy game for children to pick up and begin to learn the rules in no time at all. Just like other circle and cross games, Ludo uses a basic nine-sided die to generate the patterns for the different squares on the playing field.


The nine-sided die generates a nine-sided pattern from which each player is able to choose one of twenty-one possible outcomes. The player may either stay in his or her home area or move to another square on the game field. If a player chooses to move, he must first announce his intent to move. Any squares that are occupied by players will become his new home areas. Any squares that become empty are then turned back into the game field.


Each game comes with its own set of rules. These rules are divided between the game board itself and the individual games that come with the matching sets of dice and cards. There is also a variation of the game known as Ludo Kludge. In this game, there are two dice instead of the usual nine that are rolled during each game session. This is done to make the game less dependent on luck.


The game pieces used in Ludo are not usually traditional gaming pieces. Most pieces used in the game are square with rounded corners. Some game pieces may also be triangular and can be used when need be. Since the game board is made up of a grid of nine small squares, all other parts of the game board may be used to create interesting effects on the gameplay. The game pieces also serve as objects for scoring points.


The traditional type of Ludo game played with two or more players has been around for many years. The game is now easily accessible because of the internet. The rules of most online games allow for play with a maximum of two players. You will find that it is simple to get started with and that it is a great way to kill time on a rainy day. If you enjoy playing crossword puzzles or like to have fun with a variety of different games, then consider playing Ludo.

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