Delta Force: Flashfire Review

Delta Force: Flashfire Review

If you are searching for a good D-I-Y workout, then try Delta Force: Eliminator. It’s a fast-paced exercise game available for download from the Android Market. It combines elements of both an exercise game and an action game. However, it doesn’t take the easy way out, you will need to be a little more strategic than usual if you want to complete all levels.

Delta Force: Eliminator for Android is a futuristic hardcore combat game. You’ll have to master a variety of controlling and weaponry-based skills to defeat the enemy forces. Once you’ve begun, you will be put in a control center similar to that of the cockpit of your fighter plane. There you will need to choose a mission from several preset routes.


The initial level allows you to either use the keyboard or the mouse to target your enemies. To engage in dogfighting form, use the keyboard to target the enemy aircraft. To perform a strafing run, use the mouse to make your planes fly straighter to the target. The controls in this game are not as simple as other flight simulation games, however, they’re still quite effective and fun.


Strafing runs are executed simply by turning your craft quickly while looking ahead at your intended destination. Your aim is to destroy as many targets as possible in the shortest amount of time. The faster you turn, the more vertical lift you will generate. This in turn makes it very difficult for the enemy to lock onto you. The strafing run can be performed in all three flying stages and will send your score into the stars if you master it.


After experiencing the early portions of the game, you will be introduced to harder stages. When you start encountering tougher aircraft, your score goes higher. The later levels will present even more difficult challenges. They will also require the application of more advanced techniques. It’s important to take on these challenges as they become more difficult and you’ll soon reach the point where you must be able to defeat every enemy you come across in order to continue.


Delta Force is available for free from a number of online flight simulators. You can choose to download the trial version first or purchase the full game right away if you haven’t had much luck with the demo. You may find that Delta Force is a great airplane simulation game, and if you enjoy its easy-to-use controls and the way the game is designed, you will find yourself playing the full version time again.

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